Sunday, May 29, 2011

Heidi's Grilling Burgers On TV - WBTV Morning Show May 28, 2011

Enjoy this great grilled burger recipe that I prepared on WBTV's Morning Show ( click here for video) and at my Summer Cookout Class at Reid's Fine Foods.
More Cooking Classes to come - every weekend at Reid's as well as two On the Farm cooking classes in June - one at Proffitt Family Farms Sunday June 5 and the other at New Town Farms on Saturday June 18. - I'd love to have you join us - for more info contact me at and I'll fill you in on all the details.

Recipe by Charlotte Culinary Expert, Heidi Billotto
Reid’s Cooking School Director

As seen on WBTV's Morning Show - May 28, 2011 (7:20 am - oh my!)

2 lbs. Proffitt Farms ground beef (available directly from Proffitt Farms on Saturday mornings at the Yorkmont Road and Atherton Mill farmers' markets and at Reid's Fine Foods' award winning meat department every day of the week!)
3 Tbsp. whole coriander seed, toasted and coarsely ground
2 Tbsp. mustard seed, toasted and coarsely ground
1 Tbsp. sea salt
1 tsp. cracked black pepper
¼ cup sundried tomatoes, pack in oil, drained and chopped
1 Tbsp. minced basil
1 Tbsp. minced oregano
1 carton mozzarella balls

Combine all ingredients except cheese. Reshape into little patties, stuffing a small bit of cheese into the center of each patty, making sure to completely surround the cheese with the beef. Grill until the beef is at least to a medium temp. Serve on biscuits or buns or as in atop a lettuce leaf and tomato slice and finished with burger and bacon sauce.

Burger N bacon sauce
Recipe from Heidi Billotto

3-4 slices bacon, cut into small pieces
1 Tbsp. sherry vinegar
1 Tbsp. spicy whole grain mustard
1 Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce
1/2 cup ketchup
2 tsp. minced chives
2 tsp. minced tarragon

Brown bacon until tender-crisp. Add remaining ingredients to the pan and blend until smooth. Serve hot with burgers or any other grilled steak.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Heidi's May, June and July Cooking Classes

As the director of the new Reid's Cooking School at Reid's Fine Foods on Selwyn Ave in Charlotte, at I'm very excited to let you know that cooking classes at Reid's are kicking off with a Cooking with Fresh Herbs class this Satruday morning from 11 am - 2 pm.

Cooking classes at the new Reid's are going to really be something special. With our brand new state-of-the-art cooking school kitchen, we have the luxury of space for hands-on opportunities in every class. Of course if you'd rather sit and watch and eat and drink to join in on the fun that way, that's fine too.
Each class will focus on one seasonal topic and will include four different recipes, each paired with a specially selected wine from Reid's wine department, headed by our own wine afficianado Leyla Arcovio.

Reservations for each class are a must and your advance payment confirms your reservation. Eventually you will be able to register online but, until the new website is up and running, simply email me at to make reservations for your favorite class or classes and I'll be in touch with the details.

In addition to our regularly scheduled classes, taught by yours truly and a number of special guest chefs, Reid's Cooking School is also proud to present a host of complimentary culinary seminars during the week. These seminars, called Just a Taste, feature food and products from many of the local farmers, vendors and producers that Reid's is proud to support. Drop by a store for a complete list of these complimentary seminars

Read on for the list of May, June and July cooking classes. Hope to hear from you soon,
I look forward to cooking with you at my home, On the farm, and at the new Reid's Cooking School at Reid's Fine Foods

May Cooking Classes at Reid's

Saturday, May 14; 1-4 pm - Cooking with Fresh Herbs - This class is a seasonal favorite. Heidi will bring in a variety of herbs and herbs seedlings and talk briefly about planting, growing and herb care as well as drying, freezing and preserving these fragrant and flavorful greens in the guise of compounded butters, pestos and herb vinegars. Recipes run the gamut from simple basil, tomato and mozzarella bruschetta to turkey and sage pesto panini, Springtime herb roasted bone-in chicken breasts and a saute of seafood with a herb buerre blanc.

Cost $65 per person. To register email

Sunday, May 22; 1-4 pm - Food and Wine of Italy - Italian food makes everyone happy; in this class participants will watch and work with Heidi to prepare an entire authentic Italian meal perfect for Spring and summertime entertaining. Included on the menu: a creamy wild mushroom risotto, roasted local beet and orange salad and from scratch fettucini with two sauces mouth water sauces. And for dessert - cannoli, of course.

Cost $65 per person. To register email

Saturday, May 28; 11-2 pm - Summer Family Cookout - Great new recipes for you to finish on the grill or prepare in advance to entertain family and friends alike - perfect for you Memorial Day weekend festivities. Menu includes brie-stuffed burgers made with Proffitt Family Farms beef; zippy, zesty BBQ ribs; roasted pesto potato salad; and a dessert duo of Snickers studded brownies and Milky Way Dark studded blondies - yum!

Cost $65 per person. To register email

June Cooking Classes at Reid's

Saturday, June 4; 11am - 2 pm - Eat well, Live well- Fear of Frying

Stop the saute but keep the crunch. You won't believe the faux frying techniques and the wonderful recipes that are the result of this fun and flavorful and lower in fat class. All recipes prepared within the guidelines of the Mediterranean-American Diet. Menu includes Heidi's spicy sweet onion rings; faux fried fish and chips; fried chicken salad with fresh local greens and fried green tomatoes with from scratch pico de gallo.

Cost $65 per person. To register email

Tuesday June 7 - 6:30- 8pm - Guest Chef - Tiz Benson and Anita Stack from Tizzerts host Cake College at Reid's

If you have ever seen a cake from Tizzerts you'll know that Tiz, Anita and staff are a whiz when it comes to cake decorating.

In class this dynamic duo of master bakers and cake decorators will show you all you need to know and it's amazing what you will learn. Class begins with a champagne toast to all that is sweet in life and continues with a fascinating and informative demonstration on assembling, frosting and decorating a cake. After you watch the masters, the opportunity to do it yourself finds each class participant, pastry bag and decorating tip in hand, learning to ice and decorating cupcakes, making icing pansies, roses, leaves and more! Sweet!

Cost $85 per person. To register email

Saturday June 11 - 11 - 2:30 pm - The Big O - Cooking with Olives Oils

Heidi teaches this class once a year and it's always a crowd pleaser - we'll start with a tasting of nearly a dozen different oils from around the world - all available on Reid's retail shelves; and then cook with four of our favorites to make bistecca florentine ( a grilled steak marinated in extra virgin olive oil and fresh rosemary), lemon farro summer salad, braised chicken with gremolata and a semolina cake served with homemade olive oil gelato.

Cost $75 per person. To register email

Sunday June 12 - 1-4 pm - A Taste of the South This class features a menu that will have everyone saying "Ya'll come back and have some more!". On the menu, Heidi's famous (well, almost) four cheese Macaroni and Cheese, collard greens with braised black-eyed peas, shrimp and grits and chocolate pecan pie for dessert.

Cost $65 per person. To register email

Sunday June 19 - 1-4 pm - On the Bone This is the perfect class for all the Dad's out there with a culinary bend and those among you who love to cook on the bone. Come and learn all the ins and outs of great dishes like classic Osso Bucco, stuffed braised Grateful Growers pork chops, herb-crusted rack of lamb and artichoke & Ashe county cheese-stuffed chicken breasts.

Cost $65 per person. To register email

Saturday June 25 - 11 am - 2 pm - Food and Wine of Spain - This class concentrates on the sweet and savory flavors of Spain -saffron, smoked paprika and a tasty mix of chicken pork and seafood. You'll say "Ole" to the menu full of fine recipes from empanadas and chorizo laced black bean soup to a classic paella and a soft and creamy flan for dessert. As always, a delicious array of wines to pair with each course plus our own homemade sangria.

Cost $65 per person. To register email

Sunday June 26 - 1- 4 pm - Guest Chef - A Taste of Passion 8 with Chef Luca Annunziata

In this fabulous class, Chef Luca and his lovely wife Jessica, will offer us a taste of Passion 8, a tiny little bistro in Ft. Mill just over the state line, offering big flavors from their nightly market menu. At the restaurant Luca uses as much local product as he can and then takes it to another level. His talent in the kitchen is amazing, plus he's a great guy and tons of fun to cook with...come discover your passion, learn the tricks of the trade from this fabulous chef and discover why everyone is so passionate about Passion 8.

Cost $85 per person. To register email


Saturday July 9 - 11 am - 2 pm - Food & Wine of Champagne -

A new take on a French cooking class in which we will prepare an entire meal from appetizer to dessert. Each course will be paired with a bit of the bubbly. We'll taste a bottle of the real stuff from France and then, through the meal, compare it to other sparkling wines from around the world. The food starts with an appetizer of tiny gougere ( or cheese filled puffs) to whet the appetite, a first course of seared scallops and leeks in a champagne sauce is followed by an entrée of sauteed chicken medallions with a mustard cream sauce. A salad of fresh greens with a champagne vinaigrette and luscious chocolate dessert round out the meal.

Cost $85 per person. To register email

Sunday July 10 - 1-4 pm Steakhouse Dinner for Four

We'll prepare all your steakhouse faves in this one, from crabcakes to that infamous blue cheese wedge; we'll cook with local Proffitt Family Farms steaks and other fine cuts from Reid's meat department and top this beefy class off with an incredible 10 minute chocolate souffle!

Cost $75 per person. To register email

Saturday July 16 - 11 am -2 pm - Summer Seafood Shellfish and "finny" fish too, we'll grill, broil, saute, braise and bake all of your favorite fish cooked to perfection. Menu includes Green shelled mussels in pernod butter; summer shrimp sliders; whole boneless Nc trout with a tomato and caper coulis and seared salmon with Yah's mango salsa. Tell 'em Charlie the tuna set you...

Cost $75 per person. To register email

Sunday July 17 - 1-4 pm - Guest Chef Josh Kielman from Passion 8 Bistro

The oh-so-sweet side of Passion 8 Bistro. We are fortunate to have another chef from Passion 8 bistro join us on the guest chef docket. This class is with sous chef extrordinaire, Josh Kielman. Josh's focus in this class will be summertime sweets -come, watch him work his creative magic as he teaches us all a bit about the sweeter side of Passion 8.

Cost $85 per person. To register email

Saturday July 23 - 11 am - 2 pm - Food and Wine of France - A complete French meal for you own haute cuisine at home. We'll start with classic French Caesar salad with homemade croutons, real french onion soup, individual servings of seafood en croute, savory herb-stuffed tomatoes and ice cream profiteroles with The Secret Chocolatier's chocolate and caramel sauce. In the words of our dear Julia, "Bon Appetit!

Cost $65 per person. To register email

Sunday July 24 - 1-4 pm - Guest Chef Bruce Moffet - A Taste of Barrington's

Barringtons has been one of Charlotte's favorites for upscale

American cuisine for over ten years now. With chef and owner Bruce Moffett at the helm from the very beginning, the restaurant has been named "Tops for food in Charlotte" in the Zagat Top Restaurants in America Guide from 2003 to 2010. In this class Bruce shares his talent and expertise in working with class participants to prepare an entire meal a la Barrington's. You won't want to miss it!

Cost $85 per person. To register email

At Home with Heidi -

The Basics of Grilling Out - Thursday night May 26 - 6:30-9pm

Hone your grilling skills and technique in this class where we'll prepare beef, chicken, fish and veggies all out on the grill! All new recipes for appetizers,entrees sides and even a grilled dessert - all perfect for Memorial Day weekend, late Spring and Summer entertaining and all of your summertime family cookouts. Cost: $65 per person. To register email Heidi at

The response to my On the Farm classes has been overwhelming and with good reason - the farm tour and cooking class format combine to give us all a mindful experience of where our food comes from and how it is raised... this month and I very happy to say that I am teaching classes at two wonderful farms: Proffitt Family Farms in King's Mountain and New Town Farms in Waxhaw.

On the Farm at Proffitt Family Farms -

Sunday, June 5 - 1 - 5 pm

Another of what has become our monthly "On the Farm" class with the Eagans and the Proffitts on their beautiful ranch at Proffitt Family Farms in King's Mountain. Class will begin at 1 pm with a farm tour where we will visit with the chickens, the horses, cows and bulls and meet Precious, the farm's newest calf! Then we'll all settle into the Eagan's beautiful home kitchen to cook with some of the best beef around. Cost is $65.

To register email Heidi at

On the Farm at New Town Farms -

Saturday, June 18 11 am - 3:30 pm

So happy to be cooking once again with my good friends, local farmers Sammy and Melinda Koenigsberg. The first time I toured the property at New Town Farms I told Sammy that if I lived there I would never leave - its a gorgeous peice of land and this time of year the feilds will be full of wonderful produce for us to pick, cook and enjoy! We'll also visit the chickens, collect some eggs and watch the Ossobaw pigs root around in the woods. New Town Farms is a fixture at the Matthews Community Farmers market and on many restaurant menus around town, too. Tour starts at 11 am with a class to follow in the kitchen at the Inn at New Town Farms. After class you'll be able to shop for produce and chicken, too. Cost $65.

To register email Heidi at